Bouand’s Last Dance?

Thank you for supporting and attending Bouand performances for the past seven years. We have enjoyed the ride, made some beautiful performances, grown as artists, and hopefully touched some hearts and minds in the process. However, Bouand will go on indefinite hiatus starting this week. I welcome any further communications via email at:

I wish to convey my immense gratitude to so many people who have made Bouand possible over the years.

Our Dancers: Tracy Carboneau, Emily Bartha, Cait Powers, Keeley Love, Scott Trumbo, Melissa Framiglio, Edgar Badua, Renee Adams, Angela Napier-Gibson, Jenna Swanberg, Lucas Threefoot, Shareen DeRyan, Megan Smith, Jonathon Kreps, Josh Murray, Holly Shaw, Heather Jackson, Michael McGonegal, Ben Slayen, Zachary Carroll, Kelley Ramis, Sarah Fuhrman, Zahra Banzi, Lauren Cannon, Drew Malo, Jane Logan, Kaelen O’Shea, Rachel Stanton, Kelsey Triff, Sarah Lakey, Andrew Champlin

Our Choreographers: Davy Brun, Erica Trivett, Jason Ohlberg, James Gnam, Walter Kennedy, Deanna Carter, Rachel Tess

Our Board Members: Peter Rossing, David Smith, Walter Kennedy, Bruce Powers, Joan Van Ness Menasche, Barbara Spears, Caroline Miller, Cheryl Ramette

Our Major Financial Supporters: Lee Larson, Caroline Miller, Regional Arts & Culture Council,
 Meyer Memorial Trust,
Autzen Foundation, OCT, Leslie Braverman, Rick and Halle Sadle, United Way, Andy Robbins, Kevin Novack, Schnitzer/Novack Foundation

Our Volunteers: Erik Palmer,
 myself, the dancers, and everyone else associated with the company over our seven years

Our Collaborators: 3 Leg Torso, Lauren Brenneman, Summer Turpin, Paul at RAMMedia, RAMMedia, The Portland Ballet, Katherine Ogilvie, Brian Houle, Kathy Larson, Kate Cantwell, James Mapes

And so many more, most especially including our audiences.

Thank You!

Alexandrous Ballard
Artistic Director


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